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Is Moving Near Your Parents the Right Thing to Do?

May 14, 2022

by Justin Bennett

If you are thinking of moving closer to your aging parents to help them with essential care, you must consider many things before deciding. It is vital to look at your situation from all angles before you start packing. To help, the real estate experts at Sundance Realty LLC offers the following insight.

Why Are You Moving?

First, address your reasons for moving. If you are planning to take on family caregiving out of guilt or as an attempt to gain approval, it may not be the right choice at this time. If you want to care for your loved ones to ensure their safety, health, and well-being, look for signs that it's time to offer assistance.

What Do Your Parents Want?

Take time for honest discussions with your parents about their plans and wishes. Do they want you to live near them? Would they like to stay in their current house? Are they planning to move or downsize?

What Local Resources Are Available?

Look into community assistance alternatives that could benefit your senior relatives and you. Are there caregiving options that would allow them to maintain their independence? Are they members of a church or volunteer group? Does the town have good health care and social opportunities?

Do Your Parents Need a Smaller House?

If your parents are struggling to keep up with the maintenance needs of a large house or simply no longer use all the space in their home, it may be time to downsize. Help them review living choices that would suit them better. Help them connect with the team at Sundance Realty LLC to help sell their home and to find a smaller place.

What Assistance Do Your Senior Relatives Need?

Before you make a move, assess your parents' needs. Do they need help driving, getting groceries, or preparing meals? Would they benefit from having another person at their medical appointments? Do they require help with house cleaning, maintenance, or personal tasks? The level of care your family members need can help you decide the best course of action.

What Sort of Safety Updates Do They Need?

Safety precautions are ideal when your parents are still living in their own home. Make a punchlist together of necessary upgrades that will keep them safe. This can be adding non-slip flooring, fixing loose steps, adding more interior lighting, installing grab bars in the bathroom, as well as any necessary safety equipment.

What Types of Support Do You Need?

If you determine moving is the right option for you and your family, take some time to consider which things you will need for a successful move. It is easy to become solely focused on what your parents require, but it is vital to address your needs too.

What Kinds of Moving Services Are Available?

Start by hiring professional movers to help you relocate. Search for local movers online, read reviews and evaluate testimonials to find the best fit. You need a qualified company to move large furniture, and you may require packing services to save time and energy. To stay within budget, look for movers that offer discounts or specials. Contact different companies to compare quotes and services before you choose one.

Do You Have Plans for Self-Care?

During the moving process and after your relocation, make time for things you enjoy. It is essential to seek out the support you need. According to a study, only 28% of family caregivers received offers of support from health care professionals. Plan time to spend with your parents and time to take for yourself. Join a caregivers support group and seek out social opportunities to help feel at home in your new community.

Moving to help your parents is not a decision to make lightly. It is essential to consider the physical, emotional, and practical aspects of family caregiving. If you take your time to choose what is best for you and your older relatives, you can ensure a smooth transition for everyone.

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