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March 24, 2021

by Amy Collett

As a small-business owner, you have been working hard and getting your home-based company on the map. But if you’re looking around at your home office and thinking you don’t have enough room for your paperwork, products, and other accouterments important to your business, it might be time to move up in the world and get a new space that will fit your dreams.

Whether you want to upsize to take advantage of the next upswing in property investment increases, or you want to make sure your space is fit for your expanding company, the market can be a daunting challenge. The good news is: Your friendly, reliable, neighborhood realtor is on the case. Let’s take a look at some things for you to keep in mind as you’re looking for the perfect space for your growing small business:



When looking for a new home so you can increase the size of the space you devote to your business, keep in mind what you want out of your office. There are some considerations to make in order to get the most out of an office space. So, when you’re looking for your dream home to accommodate your burgeoning business, look for these things.

  • -A space with a lot of natural light
  • -Separate room so you can isolate yourself from family or distractions in order to get work done
  • -Enough space for a large desk, ergonomic chair, or even a standing desk

With dedicated office space, it allows you to keep work at “work” (in your home office) and maintain a separate family life outside of that (which is essential for mental health, by the way).


While you’re looking for a new home for your business, you should also look into forming a new limited liability company (LLC) as well. Giving your company the LLC designation carries certain benefits that could be appropriate for your business. These benefits include tax advantages, personal asset protection, and some tax deductions for owning and operating a small business.

In addition, you may be able to deduct your home office from your taxes if your business is registered as an LLC. For instance, Schedule C businesses can note the number of square feet taken up by their home office. Just make sure you check the regulations based on where you’re located, as different states have varying rules for qualifying for LLC formation. Online services can help when it’s time to file.


Partnering with a trusted realtor like the ones from Sundance Realty is key to making sure your new space is adequate for your growing business. A veteran real estate agent will help you avoid staging mistake, get your current home on the market, and find you a willing buyer so that you don’t have to worry about it.

The other great thing about partnering with a reliable real estate agent is the level of professionalism you’ll achieve. You will not only be able to ferret out poorly negotiated deals and avoid the pitfalls of homebuying, but a trusted real estate advisor will be able to leverage their network of agents and listings to find you a home that will work for you no matter what your needs are. Not only that, but you can save money in the long run!


Are you ready to upsize your home and ensure your business has the space it needs to grow? Get in touch with the experts at Sundance Realty today! We will put you in the home of your dreams and help you achieve your business goals. Call Sundance Realty now at 503-510-6178.

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